Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Parikalpnaa Motto

(A beautiful and Prosperous co-existence)

Parikalpnaa Means-

P - Provide 
A- authentic 
R- reliable
I- initial
K - knowledge
A-and assign
L - literary
P - program
N - network
A- and
A - analysis

Provide authentic, reliable, initial knowledge and assign literary program, network and analysis.

vFkkZr& çkekf.kd] foÜoluh;] çkjafHkd Kku çnku djrs gq;s 'kSf{kd dk;ZØe] usVodZ vkSj fo'ys"k.k çLrqr djuk ifjdYiuk dk eq[; mís'; gSA

;g ,d Hkkjrh; xSj ykHk èkekZFkZ laxBu gS ftldk eq[;ky; y[kuÅ] mÙkj çns'k esa gSA ;g laLFkk mÙkj çns'k ds lkslk;Vh jftLVªs'ku vfèkfu;e] 1860 ds vèkhu lE;d :i ls iath—r gSA


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